What is RURALES?

It is a photographic journey to meet real people who live in the rural villages of Northern Leon Province in Spain and the landscapes that surround them.

This artistic and social project aims to claim a current and realistic concept of life in a rural environment, in a context of depopulation, far from cities and urban areas.

The main objective is to claim, value and demystify the concept of rural life, through the stories of its own inhabitants, their motivations, their dreams, and their claims.

In turn, discover the beauty of our mountain landscape, forests, and villages.


The project begins in my town, Prioro (León, Spain), a municipality in the Picos de Europa Regional Park, where we live less than 350 inhabitants throughout the year.

From here and along the Eastern Leonese Mountain and the Picos de Europa, I will visit its villages in search of stories and experiences of other people who also regularly reside in their villages.


On this website I will update the status of the project that is currently in the creation phase (Between October 2019 and May 2020).

The inscriptions ended on October 6, 2019, although for future editions and if you think you have an interesting history you can register by sending me an email to For more updates, I invite you to follow my page on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

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